Carmela Rojas

I was sitting in my room for about a month and a half ago worrying about how I was going to come up with the money to pay for deposits and first-month rent.  Then I realized that I didn't have to worry about anything because God had told me through His word that He would supply all of my needs.  I told the Lord that I would not worry anymore because He was in control and because I had a covenant with him because my tithes were in order.  I gave it all to Him.
Later that day, when I got the mail, I received an unexpected letter.  It said that a deposit of $250 was made into an account that I thought was closed.  The last time I checked it, it had only $5, then it went down to $0.  So, I thought I better check it to make sure.  $250 was a start and I thank the Lord for it.  I opened the account and I couldn't believe what it was telling me.  I had Marcos listen to it and he was also surprised.  It said that there was $4984.00 in the account.  I praised the Lord because He supplied, more than supplied what I needed.

Sister Teresa and her daughter Celeste

Celeste had complained about her stomach for several months off and on, but then in June 2018, it got progressively worse and more frequently complaining and lasting longer. So, Sister Teresa made a pediatrician appointment for her daughter. The doctor ordered lots of tests including x-rays which when he saw the results, immediately sent them to the ER. The doctor then recommended emergency surgery, but as you will see below, God performed a miracle for her daughter! No surgery needed! The first x-ray below shows an obstruction and swollen stomach on June 19 at 5:39 pm. The second x-ray below shows no obstruction or swollen stomach on June 20th at 7:59 am! Her daughter was completely healed and has not complained about any stomach pain ever since! Look what the Lord has done for Sister Theresa's family! Amen

Christine Rivas & Family

A couple of weeks after moving into our home we noticed when it rained our feeling would get wet. We first contacted our home warranty and they said they only covered shingles.  We contacted our realtor who then contacted our mortgage company and the person from our mortgage company called me. He said he knew of a roofer and that they were close friends and that he'd be happy to help us. We contacted the roofer and he came to look at the roof and said we obviously needed a new roof. He said that he will try to help in any way he possibly could. He knew from his friend we were having multiple problems with the home.  So we contacted our home insurance to make a claim. We were told that this could go both ways depending on if they saw this as damage before we moved in or recently. Our roofer was there when the inspector came and the first words to come out the inspector's mouth was "I'm going to help you guys and try my best to get you a new roof". After they were done they came and the inspector told me he will not only try to get us a new roof but also shingles, windows, coverings, and the ceilings inside the home that was damaged from the water. He even said that this may be a blessing in disguise. So today June 18th our adjuster calls me to say not just our roof but everything has been approved to be repaired! $18,000 worth. And we only have to pay a small fraction which is our deductible! I've been praying for weeks. I never worried God gave me peace even though the wait was long. I called our realtor today to thank her for her help in all this and she thanked me because she saw that I pressed through and it inspired her that I never gave up. Feels good to be a blessing to others and acknowledge that this was all God! 

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